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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Items Should You Stock Up For The Pioneer Trail?

 So what are the items that you will need in Frontierville Pioneer Trail? You can guess sometimes and here is my list the things you can do in Frontierville and see if you get them!

- Saltpeter (you will need lots of it for ammo for your weapons on the Pioneer Trail. Trade in Manure Collections by the dozens!)

- Medical Kits (Trade in the Doctor Office collection or receive them via free gifts)

- Iron Ore (you get this randomly for performing actions on your homestead)

- Tools (these are again tricky items to have, you get them from trading in the Crafting Collection and potentially from neighbors visiting your homestead).

-Elixir (crafted in doctors office)

-leather (collected form friends from the corral or drop out while feeding adult cows)

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