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Monday, June 20, 2011

Daily Pioneer Trail Teasers

 We are very close to see the new Frontierville expansion called Frontierville Pioneer Trail. Today is another hint of what we will see on the new amazing Pioneer Trail!

Here is the teaser from today:

"Everybody’s got a job to do out on the Pioneer Trail! Yer hunter can shoot varmints fer meat, yer doc can find medicine to keep you healthy, and yer carpenter can scavenge parts to keep the wagon rollin’! So round up some friends fer yer crew and take on the trail together!"

Howdy everyone!

Last Friday we started teasing a bit more about the upcoming awesome Pioneer Trail with an updated look at the new trail map. Every weekday we'll be sharing more and more information about the Pioneer Trail, how you play, what it looks like, new features, quests, and tons more. From today forward, we'll put this information on the FrontierVille Fan Page ( first before you see it anywhere else. So if you haven't Liked the Fan Page on Facebook, be sure to do it today! We'll be putting up today's tidbit of info soon!

We understand that there's been a variety of Out of Sync issues that have crept back into the game (we've been able to specifically identify one with the poker table and another with whacking gophers), and generally the real recent ones seem to center around completing one of the Pioneer Trail Campsite quests or quest objectives and then having it go Out of Sync, then you discover you lost a lot of progress. These different issues are all under investigation currently. If you're having a problem or encounter a bug that has to do with the PT Campsite, please post it in the Bugs thread at so we can see what the issue is.

Hopefully y'all enjoyed some of the stories told around the campsite and you paid a little bit of attention to them--you may run into similar situations out on the Trail!

This week we have some new things that should provide some excitement, like the brand new Rodeo, where you get to compete with your neighbors in barrel races and much more!

You'll probably also see a brand new Frontier Legends quest (Cordwood Pete) and perhaps something that might be quite fowl! We'll also be revealing one more bit of Player Appreciation that we held off from last week's 1-Year Anniversary festivities. Look for it soon!

Go Play FrontierVille!

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