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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Frontierville Pioneer Trail: Hope the McBaggins don’t blow away with the dust

"Sounds like the High Plains are in store fer a terrible draught this year! Hope the McBaggins don’t blow away with the dust! You’ll be headin’ out soon, so be ready to lend a hand on the Trail."

Monday, June 27, 2011

Frontierville Pioneer Trail: The High Plains

Today’s Frontierville has released another Pioneer Trail Teaser and is about the High Plains inside there. It seems very awesome I must admit!
Pioneer Trail The High Plains
We already saw the Pioneer Trail Beaver Valley and you pass it then it will be The High Plains which looks very cool!
Here is another 2 pictures inside The High Plains:

As shown in the above picture we will have new crops which is what we need :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Meat in Pioneer Trail?

"Look what I found out on the Trail! Some young 'ins carved the name of their true love on a nearby tree. Now the choice is yours. Whatcha wanna do? Find out in the Pioneer Trail, coming soon!"

Edit: What is the item next to the cost? Maybe meat?

Today's picture:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Angry Beavers in the Beaver Valley!

Well that bites! Word on the trail is some angry beavers took out the bridge in ol’ Beaver Valley! It ain’t nuthin’ some frontier spirit can’t fix! So be sure to keep in touch with yer building crew; looks like you’ll need all the help you can get out here on the trail!

 Today's picture:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The creeks in Beaver Valley are burstin’ with crawdads

The creeks in Beaver Valley are burstin’ with crawdads! Yer hunter can rustle up meat fer bait, and yer handy carpenter can build a trap to nab ‘em! Be sure to get plenty o’ hot sauce and invite yer friends to squeeze the tails and suck the heads!

Here is today's picture:

What Items Should You Stock Up For The Pioneer Trail?

 So what are the items that you will need in Frontierville Pioneer Trail? You can guess sometimes and here is my list the things you can do in Frontierville and see if you get them!

- Saltpeter (you will need lots of it for ammo for your weapons on the Pioneer Trail. Trade in Manure Collections by the dozens!)

- Medical Kits (Trade in the Doctor Office collection or receive them via free gifts)

- Iron Ore (you get this randomly for performing actions on your homestead)

- Tools (these are again tricky items to have, you get them from trading in the Crafting Collection and potentially from neighbors visiting your homestead).

-Elixir (crafted in doctors office)

-leather (collected form friends from the corral or drop out while feeding adult cows)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Frontierville Pioneer Trail Beaver Valley Revelead

 Today Zynga and Frontierville has been revealed the Beaver Valley on Frontierville Pioneer Trail! Which is amazing!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Daily Pioneer Trail Teasers

 We are very close to see the new Frontierville expansion called Frontierville Pioneer Trail. Today is another hint of what we will see on the new amazing Pioneer Trail!

Here is the teaser from today:

"Everybody’s got a job to do out on the Pioneer Trail! Yer hunter can shoot varmints fer meat, yer doc can find medicine to keep you healthy, and yer carpenter can scavenge parts to keep the wagon rollin’! So round up some friends fer yer crew and take on the trail together!"

Howdy everyone!

Last Friday we started teasing a bit more about the upcoming awesome Pioneer Trail with an updated look at the new trail map. Every weekday we'll be sharing more and more information about the Pioneer Trail, how you play, what it looks like, new features, quests, and tons more. From today forward, we'll put this information on the FrontierVille Fan Page ( first before you see it anywhere else. So if you haven't Liked the Fan Page on Facebook, be sure to do it today! We'll be putting up today's tidbit of info soon!

We understand that there's been a variety of Out of Sync issues that have crept back into the game (we've been able to specifically identify one with the poker table and another with whacking gophers), and generally the real recent ones seem to center around completing one of the Pioneer Trail Campsite quests or quest objectives and then having it go Out of Sync, then you discover you lost a lot of progress. These different issues are all under investigation currently. If you're having a problem or encounter a bug that has to do with the PT Campsite, please post it in the Bugs thread at so we can see what the issue is.

Hopefully y'all enjoyed some of the stories told around the campsite and you paid a little bit of attention to them--you may run into similar situations out on the Trail!

This week we have some new things that should provide some excitement, like the brand new Rodeo, where you get to compete with your neighbors in barrel races and much more!

You'll probably also see a brand new Frontier Legends quest (Cordwood Pete) and perhaps something that might be quite fowl! We'll also be revealing one more bit of Player Appreciation that we held off from last week's 1-Year Anniversary festivities. Look for it soon!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Frontierville eBook Secrets by Frontierv


 I have bought this amazing eBook about the secrets of Frontierville. First of all I thought this will be something similar that I have bought few months back.

 An old and not updated eBook, don't remember where I have bought. But today I am happy to say that has the best and updated Frontierville guides, tips, tricks and resources. They are one of the first people to release the new missions guides and sometimes they will post some unreleased missions as well.

 The great thing that I have found in the eBook is that when you buy the ebook you will get into a registration form that you will register your username and password and get access to premium guides with just a small fee and no monthly fees.

 The Premium guides that you find after you login are really amazing! The eBook consist of many tips and guides on how to level up, neighbors tips, building materials, how to get horseshoes, and much everything related to Frontierville.

 As you already know Frontierville is always updating their amazing game and also updates their guides. After you buy the ebook and register your account you will enjoy for the daily tips and daily premium guides.

 I am not a gamer and don't like to spend money on the game but this eBook is really a bargain of what I have get from them! AMAZING AND RECOMMENDED.


Frontierville Pioneer Campsite Missions

Howdy Pardners!

 Frontierville Pioneer Trail is coming very soon. With this new mission called Campsite Mission there are the new characters that we will see in the Pioneer Trail. The missions are easy to finish and check it out what everyone will have to say it will give you some hints of what you will see in the new expansion.

 Looks like some travelers are passing by, let's build them a campsite and help them stock up on supplies! Bet they sure do have some interesting stories to tell about their travelers!

Click "Place Now" to place the camp on your homestead:

About the Pioneer Camp:

Ask your friends for parts to build your Campsite:

Completed Campsite:

Once complete the first mission will introduce the first traveler:

After completing the 2nd mission you get the next story:

These stories will pop up each time you finish a mission or you can see the next story on the campsite menu:

The Missions:

Make Camp
- Finish Building a Pioneer Camp
- Tend 40 Cows on Your Homestead
- Clobber 5 Groundhogs
Reward: 500 XP - Flint - Blue Tent

A Handy Dandy
- Chop Oak Trees 100 Times on Your Homestead or a Neighbors Homestead
- Collect Two Pine Cones
- Collect 10 Trail Canteens
Reward: 1000 Coins - Nature Journal - Girly Tent

Mountain Goat Jerky
- Collect One Chicken Drumstick
- Collect 100 Food
- Collect 8 Preserving Salts
Reward: 1000 XP - Roasted Mallow - Pioneer Stew

Pioneer's Scourge
- Clear 50 Grass on Your Homestead or a Neighbors Homestead
- Harvest 10 Wildflowers on Your Homestead
- Collect 8 Stinky Herbs
Reward: 2000 Coins - Skeeter Ointment - Polka Dot Tent

Mathilda the Rifle
- Collect 5 Saltpeter
- Collect 10 Iron Ore
- Collect 10 Rounds
Reward: 1500 XP - Roasted Mallow - Camo Tent

Pioneer Goods
- Craft Two Cribs
- Collect One Brake Lever
- Collect Eight Shipping Manifestos
Reward: 2000 XP - Mess Kit - Horsestream Trailer
New Collection!