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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Frontierville eBook Secrets by Frontierv


 I have bought this amazing eBook about the secrets of Frontierville. First of all I thought this will be something similar that I have bought few months back.

 An old and not updated eBook, don't remember where I have bought. But today I am happy to say that has the best and updated Frontierville guides, tips, tricks and resources. They are one of the first people to release the new missions guides and sometimes they will post some unreleased missions as well.

 The great thing that I have found in the eBook is that when you buy the ebook you will get into a registration form that you will register your username and password and get access to premium guides with just a small fee and no monthly fees.

 The Premium guides that you find after you login are really amazing! The eBook consist of many tips and guides on how to level up, neighbors tips, building materials, how to get horseshoes, and much everything related to Frontierville.

 As you already know Frontierville is always updating their amazing game and also updates their guides. After you buy the ebook and register your account you will enjoy for the daily tips and daily premium guides.

 I am not a gamer and don't like to spend money on the game but this eBook is really a bargain of what I have get from them! AMAZING AND RECOMMENDED.


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