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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pioneer Trail Teases Summary

Here are the summary of what we got from the Pioneer Trail so let's hope it will be very soon released.

"Everybody’s got a job to do out on the Pioneer Trail! Yer hunter can shoot varmints fer meat, yer doc can find medicine to keep you healthy, and yer carpenter can scavenge parts to keep the wagon rollin’! So round up some friends fer yer crew and take on the trail together!"

"The Wild Lupine is bloomin’, the wind is whistlin’ through the hickory trees, and the wild turkey are, well, wild! Beaver Valley is beautiful this time of year! Soon you can hit the Pioneer Trail and see fer yerself!"

"The creeks in Beaver Valley are burstin’ with crawdads! Yer hunter can rustle up meat fer bait, and yer handy carpenter can build a trap to nab ‘em! Be sure to get plenty o’ hot sauce and invite yer friends to squeeze the tails and suck the heads!"

"Well that bites! Word on the trail is some angry beavers took out the bridge in ol’ Beaver Valley! It ain’t nuthin’ some frontier spirit can’t fix! So be sure to keep in touch with yer building crew; looks like you’ll need all the help you can get out here on the trail!"

"Look what I found out on the Trail! Some young 'ins carved the name of their true love on a nearby tree. Now the choice is yours. Whatcha wanna do? Find out in the Pioneer Trail, coming soon!"

(Same post as 6/24/11)

(Same post as 6/22/11)


"After passing Beaver Valley on the Pioneer Trail you'll see the High Plains. Seems like it's dry as a bone here, and your friends the McBaggins have come 'pon problems somethin' fierce."


"Soon enough you’ll be rollin’ across the High Plains out on the Pioneer Trail! Be sure to stop in on yer old friends the McBaggins and see how they’re holdin’ up out there!"


"Sounds like the High Plains are in store fer a terrible draught this year! Hope the McBaggins don’t blow away with the dust! You’ll be headin’ out soon, so be ready to lend a hand on the Trail."


"Summer on the High Plains means strawberry time! Get ready to hit the Pioneer Trail and make it out here before the bounty’s all picked over."


"The Plains are drier than tinder, and it sounds like there’s a real danger of a prairie fire! In a few weeks you’ll be out that way. Better stay in touch with the bucket brigade – you’ll need lots of friends when things heat up on the Trail."


"Folks on the Pioneer Trail say you can save time by takin’ a shortcut through the mountains. When you head on out soon you better get through the Avalanche Pass ‘fore the blizzards blow in! Otherwise, bring a snow shovel… or ten!"


"We're about to throw a Pioneer Trail send-off bash and it'll take a lot of work (oh, about a Billion Golden Hammers' worth) from y'all to get ready for it! Once accomplished we'll donate $200,000 to Save the Children and unlock Pioneer Trail!"


"When you hit the Pioneer Trail in the next few weeks, you’re sure to have a blast on the Avalanche Pass! In fact, a big blast of TNT may be the only way through the mountain! So keep yer friends close and yer stash of explosives even closer!"

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