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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Frontierville Pioneer Trail Coming Very Soon!

And maybe, maybe, We are getting closer
 To the release of  the Pioneer Trail!

Are you ready to go on Pioneer Trail?
Packs your things and parts for the Trail TODAY!
You get to move your horseshoes 5
homestead application
where the Pioneer Trail!
Do not worry, everything will be exactly
as you left!

And we will request authorization from the various
publications, as we had taken for the game itself
and we will explain everything again
(Hopefully ...)

It looks like FrontierVille's Pioneer Trail will include quite the element of danger, as the High Plains are more than just a pretty section to the map. With the dry desert heat comes the potential for fire, and by the looks of things, you're going to run into one or more on your journey.

With Zynga's newest sneak peek, we see that we'll come across prairie fires, and will need to gather as many friends as possible to help douse the flames when things get hot. Here's the full snippet: "The Plains are drier than tinder, and it sounds like there's a real danger of a prairie fire! In a few weeks you'll be out that way. Better stay in touch with the bucket brigade – you'll need lots of friends when things heat up on the Trail."

And here's another little preview on the High Plains ...

Soon enough you’ll be rollin’ across the High Plains out on the Pioneer Trail!
Be sure to stop in on yer old friends the McBaggins and see how they’re holdin’ up out there!
If a valley full of beavers wasn't enough for you, perhaps some ... dry deserted plains will do the trick, yeah.Zynga has released some images of the next stop on the upcoming Pioneer Trail in FrontierVille. This time, you'll catch a first glimpse at the High Plains, an arid region on the trail. 

After crossing  Beaver Valley  on 

Pioneer Trail  will find the  High Plains .  Here 

it seems that everything is dry as a bone,

In addition, there are two new images,
relative to crops that can grow
What's worse is that the McBaggin's are in trouble again, so expect plenty more Goals from those folks in this expansion. From the looks of the screen shots, it appears that there are some new critters to clobber like an angry-looking hawk. The rivers have dried up, but folks are somehow still planting, so expect to do some more farming in the High Plains as well, some of which with potentially new crops. The Pioneer Trail is sizing up to be a fun time, if it would just release already.

Look what I found out on the Trail! Some young 'ins carved the name of their true love on a nearby tree. Now the choice is yours. Whatcha wanna do? Find out in the Pioneer Trail, coming soon!
It seems that players could be right with their guesses, 'cut 'Is needed for the  kitchen knife

Ask Your Friends For the knife in this links :


Well that bites! Word on the trail is some angry beavers took out the bridge in ol’ Beaver Valley! It ain’t nuthin’ some frontier spirit can’t fix! So be sure to keep in touch with yer building crew; looks like you’ll need all the help you can get out here on the trail!

The Wild Lupine is bloomin’, the wind is whistlin’ through the hickory trees, and the wild turkey are, well, wild! Beaver Valley is beautiful this time of year! Soon you can hit the Pioneer Trail and see fer yourself!

The image above shows us beautiful Beaver Valley, while the image below shows us a set of crawdad traps. We've been told that "the creeks in Beaver Valley are burstin' with crawdads! Yer hunter can rustle up meat fer bait, and yer handy carpenter can build a trap to nab 'em! Be sure to get plenty o' hot sauce and invite yer friends to squeeze the tails and suck the heads.

Everybody’s got a job to do out on the Pioneer Trail! Yer hunter can shoot varmints fer meat, yer doc can find medicine to keep you healthy, and yer carpenter can scavenge parts to keep the wagon rollin’! So round up some friends fer yer crew and take on the trail together!

Our friend Simone (Admin of the FB Group Frontierville Helping each other) whispered us the following.
Heres a few HINTS for the new trail

Keep using your detective to “find” people, you just may need those gold coins that are in your Inventories

Trade in your DOCTOR collections for Medical Kits, 12 is a safe number( these are also gift able)

Trade( Plant) FLAX: your going to need Canvas

Trade in the MANURE Collections: your going to need Salt peter for ammo

Plant Peanuts your going to need roasted peanuts

Stock up on Iron Ore ( you get from doing tends or asking for them inside the Blacksmith )

Tools (these are again tricky items to have, you get them from trading in the Crafting Collection and potentially from neighbors visiting your homestead).

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